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2021 Winery Booth registration deadline was June 30, 2021. For questions, please call Amanda at 513-723-9463 or email

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Not a Winery Booth? Questions?

Please contact Kelly at or 513-241-3434 for food booths and other wine-related exhibitor booths inquiries.


Have Questions?

Call us: 513-241-3434 or 513-723-9463, or Email Us

Winery Booth A winery booth is a winery, supplier and/or distributor, whose wines are currently distributed in Ohio. Winery booths must pay a booth fee, supply the wine and the pourer personnel for all four tasting events.

Food Booth A food booth is a food broker/brand, restaurant and/or culinary caterer that provides samples for the patrons of the wine festival. Qualified personnel for preparing and serving are to be provided as well. Please inquire about the booth fees and details.

Exhibitor Booth An exhibitor promotes their wine-related products to the patrons of the wine festival. Product orders are allowed. This is not a trade or market environment where products sold and carried. Bags aren’t allowed due to safety reasons. Please inquire about booth fees and details.



Q- How much wine should I bring for the festival?

A- We recommend 2 cases of each wine, and if you win a medal at the competition, we recommend an additional case of that wine.

Q- How many bottles do we need to supply for the competition?

A- 3 bottles of each wine. You may submit up to 4 different wines to the competition with a full booth, and 2 different wines for a half booth.

Q- How big is the booth space? Can I decorate it?

A- The space is 10 x 10, and includes a skirted table, pipe/drape and a sign. Any additional decorations must be approved by the Wine Festival staff.

Q- Why is the Wine Festival in October in 2021?

A- Event organizers prefer to host the event in March each year, but are taking extra precautions during the ongoing pandemic.

Q- Do you have the 2022 date?

A- While the 2022 date hasn’t been set, staff currently anticipates that the 2022 wine festival will be held in early to mid-March.

Q- If we attend in October, what types of changes and/or restrictions can we anticipate that we’ll need to plan for?

A- While it’s nearly impossible to predict months in advance, staff will stay informed on all local restrictions and/or changes and will communicate as far in advance as possible.

Q- If I’m a Transfer Booth, why do you need me to register? And why a deadline?

A- Registering confirms your 2021 attendance and keeps staff informed of new contacts, etc. As always, it’s ok to register if you don’t know your wines yet. You may add or change wines until July 30, 2021. Organizers will hold your space until March 31, 2021. After March, the space will be released to allow another winery the opportunity to attend. If you unable to join us in October 2021 for any reason, you may use your transfer for the 2022 event.  

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