WGUC 90.9

90.9 WGUC is Greater Cincinnati’s only fulltime classical music radio station. WGUC is proud to be a founding beneficiary of the Cincinnati International Wine Festival.

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Each week more than 106,000 people tune to 90.9 for music that touches the heart, mind and spirit, providing an oasis amidst their chaotic day. Listeners rely on and value this daily companionship. “WGUC gets me through life, “says Bee.

The support of the Cincinnati International Wine Festival allows WGUC to record and broadcast performances by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Opera and May festival so that they can be heard by every member of the community, especially those  who are unable to attend in person due to health, financial ability or other reasons. It also makes possible the production and national distribution of the educational outreach program Classics for Kids®, with its free music education curriculum resources; and the production and distribution of the 90 Second Naturalist in partnership with the Cincinnati Zoo. WGUC is also able to broadcast performances by other local music organizations such as the Linton Music Series, Vocal Arts Ensemble, and Music at the Museum Series while also sharing a daily spotlight on the wide variety of arts and cultural events presented across the region, helping these organizations expand their audiences.

In thanks for the Cincinnati International Wine Festival’s ongoing support, here are some more comments received from WGUC listeners:

“ I have been listening to WGUC at work for more than 25 years. It helps to keep the day stress free.
– Robert

“My car radio is always set on 90.9FM. It’s calming, soothing, informative and entertaining.”
– Pam

I appreciate the CSO and other concert broadcasts.” 
– Allen

“I don’t know what I would do without classical music. Everywhere…in the car, in the house, in the  yard, everywhere!”
– Numi

“You guys help us keep our sanity.” 
– Nancy

“For the last three years I have incorporated Classics for Kids into our day as I home educate my granddaughter. She is a lover of biographies and enjoys the background stories of each composer. Also classical music helps her focus as she does her school work.” 
– Marilyn

“WGUC lifts my spirits and makes my feet dance.” 
– Christie

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