Project Peace

The mission of Project Peace is to promote hope and peace for families affected by head & neck cancer by providing practical services and offering emotional support throughout the diagnosis, treatment and recovery stages to allow families to focus on what is most important – Winning the battle against cancer.

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“After months of dealing with a chronic sore throat, Tony Duggan was diagnosed with stage IV Squamous Cell Carcinoma (throat cancer). Upon receiving the news, Tony and his wife Missy were resolute and focused on the job at hand – kick cancer’s butt. They considered themselves very fortunate with the outpouring of support from family, friends and co-workers as they received a number of meals, gift cards, books, magazines, cards and other inspirational messages via Care Pages. The regiment of chemotherapy and radiation made for a very difficult year, but due in large part to the generosity and caring of others, Tony and Missy were able to find “peace” in this chaotic, challenging time. By raising money and providing emotional support to families facing this daunting battle with cancer, they could possibly help others find “peace.”

At Project Peace, we partner with local hospitals and organizations to meet needs of Head & Neck Cancer Patients in the Tri-State area:

  • Created over 200 “Peace Paks” that are distributed to Head & Neck cancer patients to assist with the side effects of treatment. The Paks contain many items that are beneficial during treatment but not covered by insurance including mouth sprays, lotions, protein powder and other products .
  • Work with local Patient Navigators and patients to provide practical needs such as covering car repair costs so a patient can get to and from treatment on their own.
  • Cover electric bills or rent payments for families that are facing hardships due to their treatment.
  • Donated two Bells to area hospitals for all cancer patients to “ring” at the end of their treatment to signify and celebrate the end of their treatment.
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