Art Links

Art Links, a non-profit organization is committed to the concept that art is a basic component to learning and every child should be given opportunities to explore the arts.

Founded in 1996, Art Links provides free bus transportation annually for approximately 25,000 students from 186 economically disadvantaged schools throughout the Greater Cincinnati area to over 20 local arts venues.

Our mission is to make arts a reality in the lives of as many disadvantaged students as possible at no cost to the students or the schools.

Here are just a few of the teacher comments.

“First graders experienced hands-on learning about the classic book, Stone Soup, made soup, activities that aligned to student creation of still life art project which included fruits and vegetables.”     
– Linda T., Silverton School, Grade 1 (Green Acres Art Center)

“My students thoroughly enjoyed the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s production of Much Ado about Nothing.  Through the efforts and talents of CSC actors and actresses, students felt they were part of the production.  They listened intently, posed questions during a post-show Q & A and are enthusiastically looking forward to returning to the CSC.  I want to add that this was the first live performance of a play for the majority of my students.  I am most grateful for the support from Art Links.”   
– Diane R., Withrow High, Grade 12 (Cincinnati Shakespeare Company)

“As a music specialist, I do my best to provide music opportunities for my students…especially ones that probably will not have without my direction.  When we go to places like the Taft Theater or Music Hall, I also remind them that not every city or community has the rich arts history that we do.  It is my hope that I am planting the seeds for the future for them to attend again as adults with families of their own.  For all of my teaching (talking about and listening to recordings) there is nothing like attending and experiencing a LIVE performance.  One of my students was featured in the concert as her melody for the CSO Melody Contest was incorporated in a commissioned piece for the orchestra.  The composer mentioned her by name from the stage and her tune and name was included in the program.  A proud moment for her and for our school.”    
– Tara D., Holy Family School, Kentucky, Grades 7-8  (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra)

“Our students were able to engage in the culture of the city that they would normally not get to experience.  This was an excellent way for my students to learn and relate to the play they were watching.  They were able to bring the stories they were learning about in school to life.  It was an experience that some will never forget.”   
– Danielle A.,  Alliance Academy,  Grades 4-5 (Aronoff Center)

“My 3rd grade students were ecstatic to see the Dale Chihuly sculpture when first entering into the Cincinnati Art Museum.  They had learned about his and his artwork a few months prior to the trip and made their own Dale Chihuly inspired artwork.  My students were excited to see work in person that we had talked about and viewed in photographs.”  
– Bailey A., Covedale,  Grade 3  (Cincinnati Art Museum)

“Once the students arrived at the Cincinnati Art Museum, they were amazed with artwork and the displays.  They debated whether or not the armor the Japanese Samurai wore totally protected them when they were in battle.  They also talked about how hot and heavy the armor was.  At the Contemporary Art Center, there was an exhibit where the students could climb, get into a van, rock it and just have fun.  I saw students grow with excitement when they were able to have fun in the van.  Then we went to the other exhibits and student had a new appreciation for the exhibits.  They ask a lot of questions and were reading the information about the artwork.  This field trip was a success because the attitude of the students changed from boring to can we go again.”  
– Marcellene W., Hughes STEM High,  Grades 7-11  (Cincinnati Art Museum and Contemporary Art Center)

“We had an incredible learning experience at the Appalachian Festival…we learned how to bake bread in a Dutch Oven over an open fire…we learned how soap was made over 100 years ago…we learned the job of a blacksmith…we learned how to dance to Appalachian Music…we learned how to do an Indian dance…and sooooo much more!!!”  
– Marie D., Academy of World Languages, Special Needs Classroom (Appalachian Festival)

“Because of Art Bus, the students were able to watch their very first play at The Children’s Theatre and inspire their love of the arts.”  
– Rebecca E., Annunciation School, Grades K – 3 (The Children’s Theatre at Taft Theatre)

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