Why Participate?

  • Proceeds allow CIWF to grant funds to 30+ local beneficiaries
  • Attendees travel from not only Cincinnati, but also Louisville, Columbus, Lexington, Cleveland, Indianapolis, & Chicago.
  • Total festival attendance is over 6000
Ice cream and wine? Yeah, we did that.

What type of booth are you interested in hosting?

Winery BoothFood BoothVendor Booth
A winery booth is a winery, supplier and/or distributor, whose wines are currently distributed in Ohio. Winery booths must pay a booth fee, supply the wine and the pourer personnel for all four tasting events.A food booth is a food broker/brand, restaurant and/or culinary caterer that provides samples for the patrons of the wine festival. Qualified personnel for preparing and serving are to be provided as well. An exhibitor promotes their wine-related products to the patrons of the wine festival. Product orders are allowed. This is not a trade or market environment where products sold and carried. Bags aren’t allowed due to safety reasons.
Please choose your booth type to access booth type specific information.